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      Weifang Kaida Plastic Co.,Ltd., with the floor area of 70 Chinese acres and standard factory area 15000 square meters, Kaida Plastic including  Weifang Waterflex International Trading Co.,Ltd  and one QA lab, is a professional integrating the production, sales and scientific research of pvc hoses and hose extrusion line. We are located in Changle Chengnan Industrial Park, close to 309 National Road and G20 high expressway, 25km west of International Kite-- Weifang City with the convenient transportation. 

      The main products include: All kinds of PVC air hose, Hybrid Air Hose, PVC high pressure spray hose, PVC acetylene oxygen tube, PVC steel wire hose,PVC lay flat hose, PVC garden hose, PVC suction hose, plastic hose machine, etc. The products sell well in over twenty provinces, Our products are also exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the United States and other countries and regions with deep praise by domestic and foreign customers. 




      Weifang Kaida Plastic Co.,Ltd

      -Weifang Waterflex International Trading Co.,Ltd

      Address: Building3, No.362, Yongshun Street, Wutu Sub-District, Changle County, Shandong, China

      TEL:86-536-6736006  FAX:86-536-6736005

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